Icon Dial 5.2

Icon Dial 5.2 is out in the app store. This version fixes the image capture bug that was in 5.1. That version which was out for only a few hours added support for the iPhone 5 with an extra row of icons. The other big upgrade was adding an additional row when turning off ads.

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A Bike Copter

A Bike Copter

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Caw of Doody on Facebook

Please Like the Caw of Doody page:

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Caw of Doody

Caw of Doody is a flight game where you are the bird. Fly Carrion Crow (Carri) over the innocent and unsuspecting and drop the gift that keeps on giving! Then share your mischief with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

Caw of Doody is starting out as a single level but with help and encouragement I hope to build out multiple worlds with several levels each.

Demo video:

Like at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Caw-of-Doody/378643285587660?ref=stream&hc_location=stream
Follow at: https://twitter.com/CawofDoody

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CountIn in the App Store

CountIn went into the App Store today!

CountIn is an app designed to help you play along with music in your iTunes Library. CountIn lets you mark and then fast forward or rewind to specific spots in the music. It also lets you speed up or slow down the music.


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The power of introverts


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Adding Machine HD Update

The update for Adding Machine HD is in the  App Store now. It fixes a bug that came with iOS 5.  In testing, sometimes upgrading the app alone is enough to fix the bug. In other instances you will need to delete the app and then reinstall. To delete the app you hold the icon for several seconds. All your icons will begin to wiggle and a black “X” will appear. Tap the icon you want to delete. After reinstalling tap a button to upgrade, Apple keeps records of what you have purchased and should not charge you.

Sorry for the inconvenance and sorry it took so long to fix, it was a real mystery for a long time.


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Adding Machine HD Update

Submitted an update to Adding Machine HD today. It looks like turning off the iAds was causing the paid version to crash. Because of the way the app was originally built the ads exist at the start and are turned off if you’ve paid. Now we only load the ad system if you have not paid.

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Apple TV Prediction

Walter Isaacson quoted Steve saying he had “finally cracked it” in reference to television. This is my guess of what Apple TV will become:

  1. A superior processor that includes at least one core for graphic processing
  2. Stereoscopic camera like the Xbox Kinect
  3. Stereo Microphone for Siri
  4. iOS gestures will be read by the stereoscopic cameras
  5. A full iOS interface layer based on Siri and spacial gestures
  6. Apps and Safari

It may include a channel tuner and with that a web service for channel selection or maybe just a Siri channel search engine. Airplay,  iTunes and iCloud all will be extended and enhanced.

What it won’t be is a physical television set because your actual screen will still be good for several iterations of Apple TV before Ultra HD hits the scene.

Look for the announcement at WWDC 2012 with product shipping by Fall.


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