#Notes Apple Watch Demo

A quick demo of #Notes Apple Watch functionality. Notes go straight into the phone.

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Getting Started with #Notes in 30 seconds

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#Notes Apple Watch Video Simulation

This is the full simulation including sound.

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Beta #Notes Apple Watch App

The beta #Notes Apple Watch App has one function, creating notes quickly! You start the app, dictate, tap “Done” and that’s it. Your note is added, tags are identified and organized, instantly ready for work.


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#Notes for iOS 8 w/ Apple WatchExtension

#Notes makes fast self organizing text based notes on your iOS device. Apple Watch testing is scheduled for the March 25th. Join the beta test email notes.beta at torimaru.com.  Below is our Getting Started video:



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AppIcon Gotchas

If you are using the AppIcon entries in Images.xcassets here are two gotchas:

  1. The Apple Watch Icons described in mm are all 2X.
  2. Don’t include CarPlay iOS 8 120pt, it will cause your archive submission to fail.


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#Notes Getting Started

#Notes is entering the beta stage of development.
Let me know if you would like to participate.
Email: notes.beta at torimaru.com

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iMovie 10.0.6 App Preview

iMovie can now make movies in portrait! Not something most people care about but for a developer it is huge. Apple has even included a special group of titles just for the new App Preview mode.

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Insight into How to Ask for App Ratings

I’m going to try this.




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Preventing Text Selection in UITextView with Auto Detection On

Here something a little obscure. When your using a UITextView and you want it to detect things like link, phone numbers, addresses and events you must have “Selectable” set to YES. Which is great except, Selectable also means it selects text when all you really want your user to do is tap a link. How do you prevent Text Selection without turning off Selectable?

Here is my take. I created a Category for UITextView but obviously this isn’t totally necessary and I also assumed that you only want this to happen when you also have “Editing” turned off. Which by the way is required for auto detection.


#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
@interface UITextView (Selectable) @end

#import "TextView+Selectable.h"
@implementation UITextView (Selectable)
//If Editable = NO
//Prevent text selection through double tapping

- (BOOL)gestureRecognizerShouldBegin:(UIGestureRecognizer *)gestureRecognizer {

    if(self.editable == NO){
        if ([gestureRecognizer isKindOfClass: [UITapGestureRecognizer class] ] && [(UITapGestureRecognizer*) gestureRecognizer numberOfTapsRequired] == 2) {
            if([gestureRecognizer isMemberOfClass:[UITapGestureRecognizer class]]){
                return YES;
                return NO;
    return [super gestureRecognizerShouldBegin:gestureRecognizer];}

So, all we are doing is checking if a gesture is a double tap and saying NO if it is. As an added bonus we are permitting any double taps we created by testing for the UITapGestureRecognizer class, Apple uses private classes that are kinds of UITapGestureRecognizer. I use the double tap to disable auto detection and turn editing back on.

Hope this is helpful! And as alway, “Your mileage may vary!”





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