Word Press 3.1

This updated web site was built in a day and a half using Word Press 3.1. Mostly I  like the product but the implementation of images leaves a lot to be desired.  When you add an image to a posting or page using the “Add an image” button the image is added to the post or page “Gallery” which is fine unless you need to use that “Gallery” for something else. I used the WP-imageflow2 widget in several pages, which is great, but it uses the “Gallery” and assumes you want to use everything in the “Gallery”. It would be better to be able designate which images are assigned to the “Gallery” and which ones just become part of the “Media Library”. I’m sure there is a logical reasons for this like being able to delete the entirety of pages and posts. Maybe sub-galleries would be a good solution. Any case just griping. By the way my solution was to add images to the “Media Library” and then add the image as a URL. Works fine adds a small step but took awhile to figure out.

In summary, aside from the one gripe, Word Press 3.1  was a pleasure to work with.

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