Apple TV Prediction

Walter Isaacson quoted Steve saying he had “finally cracked it” in reference to television. This is my guess of what Apple TV will become:

  1. A superior processor that includes at least one core for graphic processing
  2. Stereoscopic camera like the Xbox Kinect
  3. Stereo Microphone for Siri
  4. iOS gestures will be read by the stereoscopic cameras
  5. A full iOS interface layer based on Siri and spacial gestures
  6. Apps and Safari

It may include a channel tuner and with that a web service for channel selection or maybe just a Siri channel search engine. Airplay,  iTunes and iCloud all will be extended and enhanced.

What it won’t be is a physical television set because your actual screen will still be good for several iterations of Apple TV before Ultra HD hits the scene.

Look for the announcement at WWDC 2012 with product shipping by Fall.


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