Adding Machine HD for iPad

Adding Machine HD is an easy to use, fully-featured business adding machine with advanced labeling, archiving and editing capabilities. It is ideal for anyone who needs to add, total and keep track of any series of numbers. Just enter your list of numbers, check and correct for any errors, and it automatically updates your results. It is great for tracking expenses; splitting a group lunch or dinner bill, tracking the cost of your items while shopping, or performing any basic math functions/calculations. (Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages, etc…) Adding Machine HD includes all of the same features and functionality as a traditional business adding machine, including a digital scrollable tape! Upgrade Adding Machine HD for additional features!

The basic FREE Adding Machine HD gives you a single tape on which you can store your calculations plus these features:

  • Change the name of the tape
  • Lock screen rotation
  • Change the number of decimal places
  • Change the rounding style
  • + style number entry
  • Six different sound modes
  • Place the tape on the left or right of the screen
  • Date cells
  • Label cells

Upgrading (Only $4.99 US)  Adding Machine HD adds the following advanced features:

  • No advertising!
  • Create multiple sections within a single tape
  • Multiple tapes
  • Print tapes
  • Export your tape into iTunes as a text or PDF file
  • Export your tape using email as a text or PDF file attachment
  • Create an email with your tape data as text in the body of the email
  • Create an html email with your tape data in the body of the email
  • Place your tape data on the clipboard to transfer to other iPad apps
  • Supports the Developer so that we can create more great apps for you!

Give Adding Machine HD a try!
Adding Machine HD - Ken Torimaru

– Ken

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