I’m Here

I’m Here – Let people know where you are!
Or where you will be or wish you were!

  • Version 4.1 is almost entirely new.
  • Preview the location your sending
  • No setup needed
  • Manually reset your location
  • Native SMS (text messages)

I'm Here - Ken Torimaru Tap the target button in the lower left corner and
you can change your location. Double tap the tool to set the location.

Emails contain a subject, message, Google map and detailed location information.

Text messages should contain only the subject and a link.

Many smart phones recognize the link in a text message and make it clickable, the iPhone does this and will bring up the Google map app when clicked.

NOTE: This app is also available for the Palm Pre.

Loading Images
A basic location
Same Loaction as a Map
Modify the Location
SMS or Text Message


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