Icon Dial

Icon Dial is a free speed dialer for your iPhone. Pick names and photos to represent who you want to call and then with one touch your calling them. Easier than scrolling through your address book and more discreet than Voice Control. Now with version 4.3 you can use Icon Dial to email and text message.  I call it Icon Email and Icon Text Message. Also Icon Dial is not longer exclusively ad supported. You have the choice of turning off advertising for only $0.99.

Icon Dial - Ken Torimaru Up to 12 pages of contacts with a maximum of 16 contacts per page.

An additional feature I keep forgetting to mention is photo badging.  A badge is a little green sub-icon you can place over a photo. We have a phone, an envelope for email and SMS for text messages. They are completely optional and I know what your going to say: “Badges! Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!” But if you only have one good photo of Uncle Denny but three ways of contacting him they can be useful. Another possibility for the next version is expanding the number of badges.



Loading Images
The working screen
Edit Mode
Adding a Contact
Turn-off the Ads

NOTE: A few people are having problems with when adding new icons.
The icons are not appearing until after they restart the app.
This appears to be a rare problem!

I have been working hard to try and isolate and fix the problem! I have a fix that works for some people but I still don’t really know what causes the problem. The fix is to restart your iPhone. I’m guessing the problem is related to a buildup of memory leaks in multiple app over long periods of time.

My alternate theory is that people with this problem have used up there storage space on the phone. I should have tested for this in previous versions and in Version 4.3 I do.

If you have the problem, let me know if the fix works for you!


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