Multiple Notes and Importing/Exporting

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Multiple Notes and Import/Export

These commands are accessed by tapping on the card’s title. Note that the Circle button has been replaced by a check box. Deleting and exporting works on the checked notes, that can even converted in other formats as PDF and then edited with software from sites as You can select all or deselect all notes by tapping the checkbox in the bottom tool area.

Delete Multiple Notes

Select the notes you wish to delete and tap the “Delete Notes” button in the bottom tool area.

Exporting Notes

Select the notes you wish to export and then tap the “Share” button. The iOS share menu will come up. The notes will be located in two files. The first is a standard text file and the second a JSON file. The JSON is the best format for sharing notes with other #Notes users and creating a backup file.

Importing Notes

To import a note you must create a simple text file with one note per line or a JSON file. (Export for an example.) Then drop the file in #Notes’ document area in iTunes. When you next tap the Import button you will see your file. Tap the file and it will be imported. It is a good idea to backup your notes before importing new notes.

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